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Surfactants and Nanocarbon Dispersion

Decoupling rheology from particle concentration by charge modulation: Aqueous graphene-clay dispersions

Down The Dimensionality Lane: Thermal Conductivity Enhancement in Carbon-Based Liquid Dispersions

Trapped and Alone: Clay-Assisted Aqueous Graphene Dispersions

Polymer nanocomposites: Insights in rheology, percolation and molecular mobility

The multiple roles of a dispersant in nanocomposite systems

Critical parameters in exfoliating graphite into graphene

Mehcanical agitation induces counterintuitive aggregation of pre-dispersed carbon nanotubes

Dispersing Carbon Nanotubes with ionic surfactant under controlled conditions: comparisons and insight

Block copolymers as dispersants for single-walled carbon nanotubes: modes of surface attachment and role of block polydispersity

Gemini surfactants as efficient dispersants of multiwalled carbon nanotubes: Interplay of molecular parameters on nanotube dispersibility and debundling

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