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Thermal Managment

Additive manufacturing of anisotropic graphene-based composites for thermal management applications

Pressure-induced tuning of thermal transport in carbon-based composites: directional control of heat dissipation

Enhancing thermal conductivity in graphene- loaded paint: Effects of phase change, rheology and filler size

Compression-enhanced thermal conductivity of carbon loaded polymer composites

Breaking through the Solid/Liquid Processability Barrier: Thermal Conductivity and Rheology in Hybrid Graphene-Graphite Polymer Composites

Permeability Reduction

Graphene-induced enhancement of water vapor barrier in polymer nanocomposites

Graphene and boron nitride nanoplateletes for improving vapor barrier properties in epoxy nanocomposites

Mechanical properties

Performance of nano-carbon loaded polymer composites: Dimensionality matters

Optimal nanomaterial concentration: harnessing percolation theory to enhance polymer nanocomposite performance

Graphene nanoribbon - Polymer compostes: the critical role of edge functionalization

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